Zum Geleit

Hauptsächlicher Artikelinhalt

Henrieke Stahl
Anna Fees
Claus Telge


In contemporary Russian poetry, a special movement has emerged that engages in political activism under the feminist banner. This form of political poetry aims less at criticism and subversion than at making a direct social impact. Poems are written as performative forms of social action and often with a concrete purpose. They aim to resist power and take the side of the oppressed. The poetic subject opens her voice and her body in solidarity with others or courageously opposes the establishment through provocation — even aggression.


Stahl, H., Fees, A. und Telge, C. 2022. Zum Geleit. Internationale Zeitschrift für Kulturkomparatistik. 6 (2022), 5–8. DOI: https://doi.org/10.25353/ubtr-izfk-f83a-ee43.